The FUJ team is one of the oldest teams in the Czech Republic. In the 1990s the team was not formed yet, but its future members were meeting at various places at various practices. 1999 That resulted in 1999 in the foundation of the FUJ. It is remarkable that at that time the team consisted mostly of Americans (David Brauchli, Jeff Leamer, Joe Veeser, Steve Hildebrand) who lived in Prague.

Kolem roku 2000 In 2000, this bunch of Americans were joined by a bunch of scouts from Dejvice. Their practices were taking place at Letná, nowadays, there is the entrance of Blanka tunnel. The scouts have been learning from the Americans and stayed with the team for many years, some of whom until now. The Americans were very supportive and sparked love for frisbee in the young scouts. At that time, the FUJ often had A and B team, which hardly any team in the CZ had. It was normal that women would play the open division those days. As the time went on, older players were quitting the team and new players were joining. 2003-2006 Around 2003-2006 excellent players such as Bob and Chriss were on the team so the FUJ won the Czech championship and played top European level as well. 

At the same time, young players kept growing. They were couched by Nathan Heilman, later by Vojtěch Prušák and Vojtěch Palouš and Pavel Bláha. These guys couched the team for next 10 years. As most of the older players had quit, several recruiting events were undertaken. Most newcomers were from scouts and high schools. 2006-2014 In the years 2006-2014 Czech frisbee scene was dominated by Prague Devils, a rival of the FUJ. It was a great success when the FUJ beat the Devils in the semis in 2014. However, did not win the finals. In 2015, though, after 10 years, the FUJ won the Czech championship. It was under the name Figurky Slonů, which was a team from Říčany that the FUJ have merged with.

 Around 2015 there were lots of experienced players and so the team started to play European level. The best players from other Czech clubs were playing with the FUJ, teams such as Peaceegg or Chupacabras. In 2017 the FUJ won again the Czech Championship. Some of the experienced players quit the team though which lead to poor results on Czech tournaments. In 2018, for the European league, the FUJ were joined by 3SB, a team from Czech Budweis. As it turned out, a strong team was formed by this merge. They took 6th place on the European finals in 2019 which was, by that time, the best result in the men category for any Czech club. 2019 After 2019 the FUJ was joined by Yellow fewer, another Czech team with rich history.