Ultimate frisbee is a game really for anyone, it can be used by anyone who wants to play sports with the team. Therefore, do not worry and try it #hrajfrisbee. Přijď se za námi podívat. Kdy a kde aktuálně trénujeme najdeš zde . Budeme rádi, když si s námi přijdeš zaházet a zahrát. Vedeme i tréninky určené především nováčkům a mládeži od 12 do 18 let.

If you would like to write to us about our arrival first or ask us something, write to us email.

What could you experience in the first year? In addition to training and team training camps, we go with beginners to beginner tournaments, fun tournaments and we will be happy to support you in participating in the national Training Camp (weekend training camp for beginners from all over the Czech Republic). Those more skilful also have the opportunity to play qualifiers for the Czech league or sign up for the junior national team of the Czech Republic.

Recruitment 2020/21